4th International Symposium
of Engineering Education
19 - 20 July 2012

ISEE 2012
Educating the Engineers of Tomorrow


Tὰ πάντα ρεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει - "Everything flows and nothing remains the same."  Heraclitus

Conference programme

Pre-Conference Presentation
Wed 18 July 2012, 4.30pm, St. George's Church
"Educating the Innovators of the 21st Century"
Prof. Eric Mazur, Harvard University
View the myEcho recording of the presentation.

Reception & Registration
Wed 18 July 2012, 6.30pm,
The Edge

Day 1: Thursday 19 July 2012

Conference start (High Tor 2)
Welcome by Prof Mike Hounslow
Opening keynote
Prof Peter Goodhew
Teaching Engineering: Can we do it better?
Session 1
 Chair: David Wood
9.45-10.05 - Paper 12
'Use of a Research Role Playing Exercise to Fast Track the Development of Early Stage PhD Researchers', B Wynne, C Hinchliffe, P Prangnell and R Goodall
10.05-10.25 - Paper 23
'Engaging the disengaged indefinitely, and with no budget: creating a sustainable model for Student Library Ambassadors', Mike Clifford, Elizabeth Gadd, Jenny Coombs, Carol Hollier, Ginny Franklin, Paul Maynard, Peter Willmot, Maurice Fitzgerald and Karen McCormick
  Coffee break
Session 2
 Chair: John Fitzpatrick
10.50-11.10 - Paper 30
'Experiences of using a web based virtual shell and tube heat exchanger experiment by adult continuing learners', Edmond Byrne, John Barrett, Tomáš Jiříček, Alan Kelly and Colm O Sullivan
11.10-11.30 - Paper 29
'Understanding thresholds in first year engineering: Digging beneath Mohr's Circle', Kathleen M. Quinlan, Sally Male, Johnny Fill, Zahira Jaffer, Artemis Stamboulis and Caroline Baillie
11.30-11.50 - Paper 5
'Using MATLAB to create cheap and accessible virtual laboratories', John Rossiter
11.50-12.10 - Paper 4
'Engineering in Recording', Jeremy Wells
  Lunch (High Tor 5)
Dr Rhys Morgan
How many engineers do we need?
Session 3
 Chair: Panos Tsakiropoulos
14.00-14.20 - Paper 65
'Leveraging commercial technologies to implement hands-on project-based learning of engineering principles', Graham Green, Hannah Wade and Mark Walters
14.20-14.40 - Paper 55
'Implementing a maths support system for first-year engineering students', Jonathan Cole, Tim Crawford and Mohammad Zubairi
14.40-15.00 - Paper 14
'Investigating the Use of Audio Feedback in Engineering Mathematics Modules', Kate Durkacz and Elaine Mowat
  Coffee break
Session 4
 Chair: Dermot Brabazon
15.20-15.40 - Paper 16
'Materials education: adapting to needs of the 21st Century', Arlindo Silva, Ana G. Pereira-Medrano, Hannah Melia, Mike Ashby and Marc Fry
15.40-16.00 - Paper 20
'Chemical engineering curriculum: Are we preparing graduates ready to face future challenges?' Jarka Glassey
16.00-16.20 - Paper 25
'Is attending lectures relevant anymore in engineering education?' John Fitzpatrick, Kevin Cronin and Edmond Byrne
16.20-16.40 - Paper 36
'Enhancing engineering employability in the 21st Century; handling uncertainty and complexity through 'new entrepreneurship'', Edmond Byrne
Closing keynote
Prof Eric Mazur
The Tyranny of the Lecture
Poster session
Papers presented as posters:
7, 8, 15, 17, 19, 28, 31, 32, 35, 37, 40, 56, 63
19.30 Conference Dinner

Day 2: Friday 20 July 2012

Mick Steeper
Examples and Lessons from Industry Engagement in Teaching Engineering
Session 5
 Chair: Peter Goodhew
9.00-9.20 - Paper 41
'Global Engineering Challenge: a curriculum innovation to inspire rather than assess', Rachel Horn and Trish Murray
9.20-9.40 - Paper 45
'Content on Demand for Fourth Year Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Students', Dermot Brabazon, Lynda Donovan, Andrew Egan, Michael O'Mahony and Barry Smyth
9.40-10.00 - Paper 27
'The Engineers Toolbox of Employability', Danielle George and Paul Rawlinson
10.00-10.20 - Paper 50
'Enhancing employability: transfer of student-led activity', Glynis Perkin, Alison Ahearn and Fiona Lamb
  Coffee break
Session 6
 Chair: Ed Byrne
10.40-11.00 - Paper 49
'Continuous feedback for integration of software engineering knowledge and skills through student workshops', Konstantinos Dimopoulos
11.00-11.20 - Paper 6
'Using continuous assessment to generate continuous learning in engineering maths', Jonathan Cole
11.20-11.40 - Paper 58
'What can go wrong with group work and peer assessment? A case study', Martin Pitt
11.40-12.00 - Paper 22
'International Frameworks for Accrediting Engineering Education', Ian Freeston
12.00-12.20 - Paper 2
'Broader training of engineers on intellectual foundations?' Panayiotis Tsakiropoulos
  Lunch (High Tor 5)
Dr Claire Hinchliffe
Centres for Doctoral Training: The PhD of the Future?
Session 7
 Chair: Martin Pitt
14.00-14.20 - Paper 48
'Congruence between non technical market required competences and competences met by new engineering programmes and graduates. The case of Spain', Jose Albors-Garrigos, Blanca De Miguel Molina and Maria De Val Segarra Oña
14.20-14.40 - Paper 64
'Engineering Education and Sustainability', David Wood
  Coffee break
Session 8
 Chair: Brad Wynne
15.00-15.20 - Paper 52
'Implementation of Structured Engineering PhD Programmes in Ireland', Denise McMorrow, Sumsun Naher and Dermot Brabazon
Closing keynote
Prof David Wood
Accreditation of University Undergraduate Programs - A Global perspective
15.50-16.10 Dr P Kapranos
Awards for best Poster Prizes & Conference close